Friday, September 9, 2011

Power's Back On

Did anyone even know San Diego was without power yesterday? I guess two high-voltage, high-transmission lines were cut, stranding San Diego Gas & Electric customers from southern Orange County to northern Baja California, then eastward out to Arizona without power. An unusually hot, humid week (that one week a year we wish we had air conditioning), hopefully no one had any serious health consequences out in the Imperial Valley, where it gets *really* hot.

Anyway, yeah, it sucks not having power, but I was surprised how well we got along without it. Our stove and water heater use natural gas, and we've clung to our land line telephone and even have one last old-school telephone in the house. Not the case for most of our friends and neighbors. Another thing we had that a lot of people didn't (surprisingly): a battery-powered radio. Maybe those of you in other sections of the country are like, Duh! But out here in Southern California, it's shocking how reliant the majority of our population is on grid-transmission electricity. It was such an event out here that all schools in San Diego county are closed today, even though the power went back on roundabout two in the morning.

What about where you live? Does this sound like crazy talk? Is the rest of the country better prepared for an emergency than we are? With the ten-year anniversary of 9/11 coming up this weekend, you can bet the conspiracy theories on our bizarre, massive power outage were flying fast and free. But what if something did happen? Would we be ready?


Catherine/Suburban Vampire said...

I'm so glad your power is back on! We were thinking about all of you down there.

We had to check out our own preparedness the first year we moved to Oregon. A major wind storm knocked out the power in December, so we had to huddle around the fireplace to keep warm and pile extra blankets on the bed.

Ara Burklund said...

Wow. That'd be awful, no power with no heat during a cold winter!

Down here, I was just glad I was fortunate enough to fill up my car with gas a couple hours before the power went out. I guess some of our gas stations near the freeway were like crowded parking lots. People were running out of gas at the station, with not enough in their tanks to get them home, but none of the pumps were operational without power. Crazy stuff!

Catherine/Suburban Vampire said...

That's crazy about the gas stations!

I think I'd prefer no power in the winter than in the summer. It's easy to pile on more clothing and blankets, but you can only strip down so far in an overheated house with no air conditioning!

Adrienne said...

No batteries, no radio, no drinking water, a near empty fridge...we are totally unprepared. But we did enjoy a Scrabble game by candlelight. :)

Ara Burklund said...

Cathy~So true!

Adrienne~Sounds like you made the best of it! : )