Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why Am I Not Surprised?

So my plans to write like a crazy woman starting last Tuesday? The crazy part, I've got down, but the writing, not so much. I keep hoping the time will come, but then it doesn't. Actually, I did seize a little bit of time last Thursday and Friday, but then I wound up mostly revising, not really getting into new material. Maybe because my life has been busy with new material. Like, did I mention my middle child started middle school? Each day brings a new surprise. I'll delete this post later, so his antics aren't forever memorialized, but here's a little taste of what's been going on:

Tuesday - He growls at several teachers, throws a crumpled piece of paper at another, then gets kicked out of class about 30 seconds into yet another class for making squawking noises.

Wednesday - Growls at fewer teachers but animal noises still abound. Teachers enforce seating charts to ensure he and his best friend have been separated in the classes they have together. Both now sit near "a bunch of nerds" or "a kid who doesn't speak any English."

Thursday - After school, he films his 12-year-old best friend DRIVING his mom's Expedition over a (no longer operable) toy car. When he gets home, he creates an alternate gmail address so he can get around our parental controls and post said video on YouTube.

Friday - Trying to impress his buddies, my son jumps into the custodian's golf-cart-esque vehicle and attempts to drive. He gets it in reverse but can't figure out how to put it back in drive before the custodian yells at him to get the hell off his cart.

Tuesday - Because of the holiday, my son was able to keep his library movies an extra day. However, he forgot to return them until after school, causing him to almost miss his bus home. Afraid the bus was about to leave, he jumps in the side door Emergency Exit, causing the bus driver (who's a very patient man) to yell at him about never opening those doors unless the bus has crashed or is in a similarly dire circumstance.

Ah, Wednesday. Do I dare ask, "What next?" At least I don't have as many errands to run today. I'm looking forward to sneaking in some writing.


Teri Lee said...

Oh my gosh, Ara. We have some crazy stuff in common. Tristan has a "meowing" issue. It was really bad in middle school but now that he's in high school, he has moved on to random bursts of "POOP

He started school today, in part due to a surprise teacher's strike last week. I'm hoping your first week isn't foreshadowing mine!

Chin up, things'll get better! <3

Ara Burklund said...

Oh no! Good luck with school this week!!! That sucks about the strike. I would have been so pissed if our schools were like, Psych! Guess what? You get another week of summer vacation!

We're going to have to make it up to WA one of these days. I still remember Tristan as a baby. It floors me every time I see a photo of him and he's a combo of you and Bill as teenagers. : )

Suzanne Casamento said...

Goodness. Wow. Um.

I don't know what to say exactly. Except, good luck my friend.

Ara Burklund said...

Thanks, Suzanne! Yeah, that's life with a kid who has autism--unpredictable. Also kind of funny sometimes.

Catherine/Suburban Vampire said...

I missed this post the other day. Wow! Good luck this year!

We've had some middle school issues ourselves, although they've been more along the lines of getting lost in the halls, having books fall on heads due to M having a bottom locker, and eating lunch by herself one day because all but one of her friends got put into the first lunch. I really feel for your ordeals, though. It sounds like one day you'll have enough material to write a book about the adventures of parenting an autistic child.

Ara Burklund said...

Middle school is hard enough for the "regular" kids! Hope M's landing on her feet now, finding a new circle of friends for her odd lunch hour. I remember having that same dilemma at Niguel, where my friends from the bus had the other lunch.