Sunday, June 24, 2012

ALA Anaheim 2012

Yesterday, my awesome trooper of a friend Dana (who broke her heel last week but refused to cancel our plans) and I went up to Anaheim to hang out at ALA. I'd been to the ALA Midwinter Conference back in 2011, when it was in San Diego, but there were so many more people at the summer conference! I guess those of you in the know are like, Yeah, no duh, Ara, but I was surprised how much more festive the atmosphere was this time around. Authors were doing signings with big lines, publishers were throwing parties, and a prominent editor sang a few bars of Over the Rainbow while I was chatting with one of his authors.

Anyway, fun stuff! I hope I get to go as a published author someday, since it was really fun meeting so many librarians, independent booksellers, editors, authors, and publicity and marketing pros. Also fun was catching up with a dear friend I used to work with at Price Stern Sloan, back when we were both fresh out of college, and meeting another dear friend's editor.

The YALSA happy hour at Morton's was a blast, too, as was the YA Highway blogger meet-and-greet over at the Marriott's wine bar. Wish I could have stayed at the conference longer. Can't wait to go again!