Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Writer Friends = Gold

I think I might have a manuscript going out on submission this week. In fact, I'm pretty sure I do, but, as people say on facebook, it's complicated. Well, not really that complicated, but it's one of those things I probably shouldn't talk about online until things are settled and done.

That said, I'm so grateful I have writer friends who know how it feels to have your work out there being read and evaluated! It's so nice knowing I'm not the only one who checks my email 1000 (10,000?) times per day or gets all crazy-excited if my blog-visitor stats go nuts.

Guess it's a good thing tomorrow's my water polo breakfast shift--cooking breakfast for 60 people is a fine distraction. Only problem is, I haven't decided whether I'll be making burritos or quesadillas. What do you think?