Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Late-Night Communication and Other Bad Ideas

Did high school not teach me anything??? Just saying. I'm 42, and still, I make the same mistakes I was prone to making at 16. Except now that we have email and facebook and all these nifty other means of expressing our innermost thoughts, it's even easier to kick things up a notch in terms of errant behavior.

So, yeah. Wasn't drinking wine--or even hard lemonade--so what's my excuse? I'm going to go with provocation. Encouragement. Carrot-dangling. Well, maybe not that last one, since it sounds kind of dirty. But you get the idea. Because I can get myself into plenty of trouble all by myself. Any help, and all sense of propriety is summarily tossed out the window.

Oh, maybe it's not so bad. Maybe I didn't say that much, so I should stop stressing out. Because cursing every time a piece of junk mail from Groupon or eBay or Domino's arrives in my in box instead of a reaction from last night's late-night recipient isn't helping anything.


Martina at Adventures in YA Publishing said...

Speaking as someone who usually has not one but two feet in my mouth, I feel your pain. But don't worry until you have to worry! That's the difference between now and high school. You've acquired a lot more zen and polish!

It was lovely to see you in New York! Wish we could have had more time to catch up!

Ara Burklund said...

Thanks, Martina! Agree about NY. It went too fast, and then I slept through most of the Sunday sessions. You going to L.A. again this year?