Monday, February 25, 2013

Standing on the Cliff

Before I turn off the router and get to the writing I'm actually supposed to be doing today, I wanted to take a minute to write about the prospect of falling in love. Is it something we allow ourselves to do, or is it something that just happens? Is it even possible to control such feelings, or are we mere mortals subject to their whims, only along for the ride? And how about if you've already been there, done that with the person in question and are terrified of letting it happen again because you got hurt so badly the first time around?

Yeah, I'm a mess. Took me years to extract those feelings of loss from my life and move on, but I did it, and now I'm courting their return? This is not a good idea, to say the least. But then, is life ever neat and tidy? Is it even worth living without passion? To paraphrase Chuck Palahniuk, Bad decisions and poor associations make for great writing. So there. Besides, maybe things will be different this time. Maybe it's meant to be; otherwise, the idea wouldn't be so intriguing.

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