Sunday, March 10, 2013

Romantic Suspense

In finishing up the manuscript I'm currently working on, a tale centered around what essentially amounts to a forbidden love story (albeit a twisted take on the convention), I've been thinking about the concept of anticipation. In the present atmosphere of communicative immediacy, has the art of longing become a thing of the past, relegated to times of world wars and the overseas letters? Perhaps, but I would argue, No.

Just like in the above-mentioned story (which includes some beyond-the-grave horror and science fiction elements), I believe new methods of communication breed anticipation rather than eradicate it, putting us in touch with people with whom we may have previously believed it impossible to interact. And the taste of the resulting anticipation evoked? Undeniably sweet. Mind-blowingly delicious. Satisfyingly savory--or unsavory, depending on your proclivities.

Which is why I don't think the forbidden love story will ever truly go away. Obstacles only make the realization of consummation more tempting, making us crave what we realize we can't--or shouldn't--have, then go after it with a force rooted deep in our souls. Even if we know it could destroy us.

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