Saturday, May 25, 2013


Sometimes in life, there comes a time when one must look like a grown-up. For me, going through a divorce and subsequent child-custody dispute, now is that time. Anyway, so if I just met you and you decide to do a little checking out of my blog? Yeah, that's right--take a look at my driver's license next time you see me, because I haven't always sported the soccer-mom-with-blonde-highlights look I'm donning at the moment. In fact (shock of all shocks to the people who know me best), I might even grow out my hair!!! Because whatever it takes to win me more time with my kids, I'm there, no matter how superficial that might sound.

That said, I'm afraid I've been neglecting the blogging/tweeting/facebooking efforts as of late. Along with being on deadline for my e-book's second draft, I've been taking crime-fiction copyediting gigs on the side. Truly, the CE jobs have been made of awesome, as Richter Watkins' work reminds me a bit of Carl Hiaasen's. Basically, it's been great getting paid to be entertained.

Once the deadline is met, I'll be back in the blogosphere more regularly. Until then, happy reading elsewhere!