Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Need a Copy Editor?

As those of you following my blog already know, I'm getting divorced. Sad tales of woe aside, here's the skinny: although I used to work in the publishing industry doing editorial production, the fifteen-year gap in my résumé (due to staying home full-time with my kids, one of whom has special needs) apparently isn't too cool in today's competitive job market.

That said, I've been taking freelance copyediting work. Recent clients include Richter Watkins and Chris Marie Green. I charge the going New York rate for my services ($25/hour) and tend to provide a quick turnaround on projects.

Interested? If so, email me a 1000-word writing sample in MS Word so I can use Track Changes to show you the type of work I do, as well as give you a time estimate on how many hours your manuscript will likely take me to complete. My address is araburklund [at] gmail dot com.

Looking forward to meeting you!