Sunday, December 1, 2013

Baring Your Soul, Damn the Consequences

The best writing tells the truth. While we all know this instinctively, implementation of the concept is easier said than done when it comes to touchy subjects. That said, I wrote about a very personal matter in my Dear Teen Me guest blog entry, which is slated to to be published December 4, and I really hope my friends, family, and the public in general won't judge me too harshly for what I had to say (not to mention my editor!).

While I've heard the old adage that even bad publicity is good publicity, garnering the type of publicity steeped in controversy was honestly not my intent. I love the concept the Dear Teen Me project stands behind, and I took it to heart, writing about a difficult time in my life during which I desperately wished someone would have given me some insight.

Anyway, I've read a lot of the Dear Teen Me entries, but certainly not all of them, so there's a good chance another author has written about my topic of choice before, as it's certainly not a unique situation. Whatever the case, my hope is that by sharing my experience, I can lend some perspective to girls out there in the world facing similar decisions.

With that in mind, all I can say to readers of my post is, Godspeed--I hope we can still be friends.